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Shipping and processing take 3 to 7 days, but please keep in mind that our products are either all natural or handmade, so shipping & processing times fluctuate due to factors such as availability of materials and demand.  We try to keep shipping costs down without trying gimmicks like offering "Free Shipping" then inflating the price of the product to make up for it, there's a reason we print a simple label & use adequate yet modestly priced containers or tags, so that we may get our incredible natural, handmade products out to you at a reasonable price! Currently we are building our overseas shipping so please refer to the shipping parameters set up when you go to process your payment (if for any reason you have trouble with shipping or have a concern with not receiving an order please submit your concerns in the contact section within the footer below).  If for any reason your order will be held up for longer than 7 days we will contact you.

Return Policy?

We allow the return (at customers expense) of non-perishables within 30 days from the date you received your product.  Perishables are non returnable 

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