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My Aromatherapy Blends come in 1oz & 2oz dropper bottles as well as a 10ml roll on. They can be used with passive diffusers or on the skin(please check ingedients prior to use for anything you may be allergic too) This products is all natural with the following Ingredients: A Base of Sweeet Almond Oil, Essential Oils:  Spruce, Frankincense.  Infused with: Chamomile Buds, Tigers Eye, Spruce Needles.  Keep Grounded Aromatherapy.

Keep Grounded Aromatherapy Oil

  • We will not give refunds on the perishable goods we sell, such as Salves, Balms, Creams, Sprays, Oils Etc!  We will refund within 30 Days of original purchase, any non-perishable items in thier original condition when compared to that of when it was originally packaged by us. 

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