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Hypnotherapy can Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

Keeping our New Year's resolutions can be tough, even with the best intentions. Sometimes willpower isn't enough. There are ways to help. Having an accountability buddy, or pairing up with someone who has the same goals are some ways to help. But there are other ways. Hypnotherapy is a resource you have to help you be successful in keeping your resolutions.

Hypnotherapy uses deep relaxation to allow your subconscious mind to accept positive suggestions. Your subconscious brain takes these suggestions and uses them to guide your behavior.

Just a little note in case the idea of someone making suggestions to your subconscious sounds creepy or scary. You will remember everything that happens during your hypnotherapy session. And, if during your session, you get uncomfortable with what is being said, you can bring yourself out of the hypnotic trance. Your subconscious mind is also a very protective part of you. It will not let you do anything that you don't want to do. For instance, if you believe an act is immoral, embarrassing, or hurtful, you won't do it, even if a hypnotherapist told you to do it. So it's perfectly safe.

Now back to how hypnotherapy can help you with your resolutions. If you need the motivation to get you started, or to keep you going with exercise, a diet, or any other new habit, your hypnotherapist can do that. If you have too much sugar in your diet, but you also have a sweet tooth, suggestions can make you believe that you don't want sugar. Suggestions can be given to help you get excited about exercising. Maybe your resolution is to get a handle on your anger or manage your stress. Hypnotherapy can help. Just about any positive change you want to make can be aided with hypnotherapy. Your hypnotherapist will consult with you to find out how to best help you. We all think differently and have different motivations and different goals, so this consultation can help you get a customized plan for your success.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about hypnotherapy or how it can help you.

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