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What Would Mother Nature Use On Her Hair?

I'm sure you've seen Rosemary Hair Oil being sold all over the internet. Is it really as good as all the hype? I think it is, in fact, I think Mother Nature would use it. It's a wonderful all natural way to help rerow your hair. A study in 2015 tested Rosemary Oil and Minoxidil. After 6 months the Rosemary Oil showed the same positive hair growth results as the Minoxidil.

Rosemary is an anti-inflammatory and has been shown to help nerves to grow and remain healthy. It has also been shown to improve circulation. This may be how it helps your hair. Healthy nerves and good circulation to the hair follicles will help the follicles produce healthy hair. Not only does Rosemary Oil help to grow hair, it helps prevent hair loss, may stop premature graying, makes hair stronger and thicker, relieves itchy scalp, and helps eliminate dandruff.

To get these benefits, apply Rosemary Hair oil to the scalp 10-30 minutes before shampooing. Shampoo hair as you usually would. Use once a week. Rosemary Essential Oil can be used, but make sure you mix a few drops with a carrier oil. Or use a rosemary-infused oil, where fresh or dried rosemary leaves have been infused into the oil. Rosemary oil may cause irritation of the scalp in some people.

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