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The Throat Chakra is about communication, when out of balance you feel as though you are unable to communicate effectively, you may feel that you can't speak your truth, this aromatherapy blend can help your Throat chakra balance itself.   I saw a great need for an all natural solution, so I developed Aromatherapy Chakra blends which can assist in balancing each of the seven chakras, from the moment you dispurse the aroma it helps to alter the frequency of the chakra bringing it back to a healthy balance! This Aroma Therapy blend is infused with Reiki Energy & is available in a Spray which can be sprayed when a burst of scent is needed or Oil or Solid when you want to wear a small amount as a natural perfume or use the Oil in a passive diffuser.  ***When Ordering Please Choose the desired variant: 1 oz Salve...2 oz Oil or 4oz Spray***


  • We will not give refunds on perishable goods we sell, such as Salves, Creams, Balms, Sprays etc! We will although refund within 30 days of original purchase, any non perishable items in thier original condition when compared to that of when it was original packaged by us.

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