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Each Avalon Angel Pendant jar is specifically designed to help manifest each of the following & contains; Love: (small heart, Babbys Breath, Rose Quartz, Garnet)...Luck: (small handmade ladybug, Feather, Green Aventurine, Citrine)...Intuition: (stars, heart, amethyst, lapis lazuli)...Protection: (protective eye, obsidian, aquamarine, tiger eye)...Healing: (sage, quartz, red agate, amazonite). Each jar comes with the specific manifesting ingredients, jar, box and free adjustable necklace!  When ordering please be sure and specify which manifesting jar you would like from variants! Love, Luck, Intuition, Protection and Healing

Avalon Angel Pendant

SKU: ManAngJar
  • This Item does not qualify for return!

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