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My Skin’s Favorite Herb: CALENDULA

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Calendula is another one of my favorite herbs. It’s a beautiful yellow flower that looks like a sunny day and makes me smile. While making a tea to drink is possible, it is much better suited to use topically. In fact, several studies have shown that Calendula tea can be used on diabetic foot ulcers. I like to use it in lip balms and salves.

Calendula has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps with wounds, rashes, and dry skin. Some studies have shown that it helps reduce the severity of scars. Historically it has been used to treat rashes, eczema, and diaper rash.

I make my salve by infusing calendula flowers in grapeseed or olive oil. I then mix it with beeswax. I sell this as a plain salve, and I also make some with lavender essential oil as lavender is very soothing and healing for the skin. I use calendula in my itch relief salve along with lavender and chamomile essential oils, both are very soothing.

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