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Flower Power: The Power of Flowers to Heal

Flower essences are used to treat mental, emotional and spiritual issues. These can, over time, cause physical issues. Flower essences work energetically to help heal old trauma, personality traits that may be holding you back, or emotional issues from life experiences.

In the 1930s Dr. Edward Bach discovered Flower Essences. He was a physician in England. He studied homeopathy as well. He looked at his patients and came to the conclusion that certain personality types were prone to certain diseases. He became disillusioned with the medical establishment and wanted to be able to provide treatments that were non-invasive, affordable, and accessible to everyone. He began studying the flowers in his garden and correlated them to certain personality types and emotional conditions. To see a video on Dr. Bach, click here. When Dr. Bach died, he had 38 remedies. New remedies are being researched and made. the Flower Essence Society is dedicated to continuing Dr Bach's study of flower essences.

Now that we have a little background on how Flower Essences came into being, let's talk about what exactly they are and how they work. Flower essences are the energetic part of the flower, in essence, the essence. We are all energy, everything is energy. Quantum physics has proven that energy affects energy. So the energy; of the flowers can affect our energy. Think of your favorite place in nature and how calm you feel when you are there. It's the energy. When we have trauma, emotional shocks, or parts of our personality that might need help, we can use the energy of the flowers to bring our energy back into balance. When our energy is out of balance, it can cause emotional, mental, and spiritual turmoil. If it goes on too long, we can develop physical illness.

While there isn't a lot of research there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that they work. They are difficult to test in a research setting because of the nature of the remedies. They treat the cause of the problem. They can also be mixed together to treat different variables that a person has, for example, the cause of PTSD and personality type, etc. This makes double-blind research nearly impossible. You would have to test the remedies on people with PTSD and the same cause, personality type, etc.

Flower essences are safe for everyone. They don't contain any parts of the flower. They are similar to homeopathic remedies in that they are very dilute. Flowers are placed in spring water and left in the sun. the flower's energy is transferred into the water. The water is then diluted with brandy, which is used as a preservative. The usual dosage is 4 drops of essence 3-4 times a day. They can be placed on the tongue, or placed in hot or cold beverages. Feel free to consult a Flower Essence Practioner to find the essence or combination that is right for you. My flower essences are made in small batches from flowers grown at my home. Check out my flower essences here.

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