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Do You Have Difficulty Speaking your Truth? Your Throat Chakra Maybe the Culprit.

Your throat Chakra, also called Visuddha, is located in the center of your throat. This chakra is all about communication, self-expression, and creative expression.

When this chakra is in balance, you are able to communicate clearly, not only with your speech but with your ability to be a good listener. When out of balance, we tend to gossip and engage in negative talk. We have poor listening skills. We may feel shy and not want to speak, or we may speak too much. We have difficulty clearly expressing our thoughts. We find ourselves not saying things we would like to say. Our creativity is stifled. We may tend to tell lies.

Communication is vital to every part of our life. You can heal your Throat Chakra and help keep it healthy by wearing blue and eating blue foods such as blueberries and blackberries. Herbal tea, honey, and lemon are also helpful for the throat and throat chakra. Affirmations can help. Some examples would be "I speak my truth" and " I am able to communicate with others truthfully and easily.". There are also yoga poses, like the legs up the wall, lion pose, and plow pose, that can help. Humming, singing, and chanting are also great ways to heal and keep our Throat Chakra healthy. Now go out, hum a tune, and speak your truth.

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